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Hannah Mackenzie 3.02B AP Language and Composition 1. According to the opening statement, what does every person realize at some moment in his/her education? Eventually every person will have to realize that being envious of one another makes you ignorant, and that everyone has imperfections and no one is perfect but everyone at one point must stop comparing themselves to everyone and accept themselves for who they are. 2. In the second paragraph, what does Emerson say is every person's destiny? In the second paragraph Emerson said that people’s destiny was to accept that the divine creator is within us, also that the universe is full of decency and it’s all powerful. There can also be a power found within that we…show more content…
In a paragraph, write your idea of self-reliance. Do you agree or disagree with Emerson? Why? My idea of self-reliance is relying on one’s self to perform a task. Also to be an individual, not to have to worry about relying on anyone else. Emerson made some great points that being self-reliant is important. This is important because you don’t want to have to ever rely on someone else. Sometimes the only person you can rely on is yourself which is important because no one should have to rely on anyone else. 9. Describe Emerson's style of writing. Find one sentence that is an example of this style. In your description, focus on his tone and purpose - see the following hint for assistance. Hint: When you discuss a writer's style of writing, you look at his purpose for writing, word choice to convey a tone or attitude, the structure of sentences (for example, question or statement), and sentence and paragraph length, for starters. Emerson has a great style of writing that opens the eyes on readers to new perspectives. Emerson wanted the future societies to change their ways and he

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