3.11 Ethical Considerations Paper

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3.11 Ethical Considerations There are several ethical that need to be consider when make a research study.

Avoiding bias

The researcher need to be equal on their study and bias must be avoid. The information that found in this study cannot be hiding and only express or highlighted researcher’s interest not what has being found in the findings. It will be bias if the researcher interpreted the findings differentially as the original one. Thus, the findings in this study must be equally and interpreted accurately.

Using inappropriate research methodology

Researcher has responsibility to use the appropriate methodology based on the researcher’s knowledge in conducting the study. In this study, the researcher must use the method properly using equally sample, valid instrument and make a right conclusion.

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The threat intended for this vital business asset is sometimes uncontrollable by management. Information system vulnerabilities are often introduced due to human and organizational factors.
The findings of the study provide several implications for both academic and practitioners. For practitioners, the findings help organizations to improve the performance of their employees by monitoring their behavior in the workplace, assist them to be aware on security attack and improve their knowledge and skills relating to the information security strategies. Organization can avoid the risk of information security and can protect the confidential, integrity and privacy of the information. Thus, it can increase organization to achieve the higher performance of employee and the performance of information security.
In additions, findings for academic research is relate with the implementation to information security strategies. The strategies will be practiced in the organizations in other to help protect the security and to protect the information
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