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The bible is used in kings letter because it is Holy and holds the truth which gives King a chance to correct it with his life and make people believe in his words and actually see what he is saying. The bible is included in kings writing with the structure of allusion. Kings uses allusion and combines the Bible with his letter. The bible is Holy and holds only the truth, which makes people believe in it. He knows you can’t doubt a Bible about the true facts in it so he uses it so people can her him out and believe.
The main rhetorical strategy he uses, in my opinion, would be allusion. He uses allusion when he is using the Bible as a reference to his work and purpose. The reason he chooses to refer to the Bible is because, one the Bible
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King is saying in his letter that the time given to us right now is mainly for us to do good and not start fights and arguments between each other and not let evil get in between us. King states, "Now is the time to make real the promise of democracy, and transform our pending national elegy into a creative psalm of brotherhood," which means that we are supposed to live in this world and love each other as brothers or sisters and not start fights among each other. As men of God they should see that their assumptions and actions are wrong and they should take a second look at the work Dr.King is doing. Now, this is our time to take action. A bible is basically a book with instructions to follow and they are not false. No matter what color you are and what you are going through, the rights are for everyone being discriminated because of a different color hurts. People did not chose what color they want to be or what race. It is natural and we have to respect every nation and their colors. No one deserves to be discriminated. We should all take action and stand up for what is right. We can not give up because Jesus didn’t give up on you. If Jesus gave up on us then what would be the point of living? We have to stop discrimination of all kinds because nobody feels happy while
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