3.2.5 Trisha Knowles

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Activity 3.2.4: PLTW Nutrition – Client Report for Trisha Knowles Client Name: Trisha Knowles Health History (including any specific health goals): Trisha Knowles is a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in biology. Trisha exercises regularly, sometimes twice a day. She has been a vegetarian for just under a year and she recently eliminated almost all carbohydrates from her diet. Trisha does eat dairy and occasionally, she eats seafood. She packs small meals to take with her to campus as she refuses to eat in the cafeteria. The patient has no family history of heart disease or diabetes, however both her parents are on medication for high blood pressure. Her paternal grandmother died of breast cancer at age 47. Her maternal grandmother…show more content…
She reports drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. She does not drink soda or coffee, but she does drink 1-2 sugar-free energy drinks per day. She sometimes skips meals if she forgets to pack food to take to campus. Trisha does not eat fast food and only orders salad (with the dressing on the side) when she eats out. Calorie Deficit or Surplus (Compare Inputs and Outputs): Compare calories consumed versus calories expended.
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