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During my English comp summer session class, I was instructed to read several essays and give my feedback on them. In my opinion, the last three writings were probably the most memorable and important. “Hurricane Katrina”, a story on the immediate and after affects of Hurricane Katrina on the city of New Orleans, was first of these three stories. It focused on real life experiences of people who lived through it, victims giving their heartrending testimonies. “It’s Not Just A Bike”, is about Lacey Taylor and her tireless pursuit in her cause to help bring to a halt thieves stealing bikes from off her school campus. Another story I read was “Free The Children”. It gave constructive criticism to parents who would not generally let…show more content…
“Imagine one day waking up to find that your car had been stolen”, Taylor once said, she believes that a bike for a lot of people is no different from any other transportation that a person may rely on. Stating her solution, she suggests posting signs that simply say that the act is against the law and punishable. This would be as an inexpensive way to help. Other solutions were; possibly starting an awareness program or even strategically placing cameras where they have a clear view of the bike racks. I think that Taylor presents an excellent idea. The seriousness and dedication she displays causes me to open my eyes and pay attention to ways I may be able to help make my school campus a better place. The last writing I read was “Free The Children”, a very informative story by author Nancy Gibbs. Gibbs believes that children should enjoy summers that don’t count or place pressure on them. She says that experts have for a long time said that the modern child has more stress than those of earlier generations. I thought that this was an interesting read because I probably would naturally think that preparing my child during the summer, for the upcoming year would give them an advantage. The evidence author Gibbs presents suggests the contrary. She finishes by saying “I wish that I could have that time back to be a youth without the strains of work and school”. I completely agreed with her take.
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