3. Critically Evaluate the Outside-in Approach to Strategy Formulation.

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In this modern world, Information Technology forms the integral part of any kind of business. In the 21st century, countries across the globe have come to rely on complex computer networks that form the infrastructural backbone of even the most basic necessities of life, including electric power grids, global finance, food distribution, medical care, clean drinking water, petroleum production, and most types of communication. The protection of such networks, known as cyber security, is among the highest priorities in the civilized world, alongside planning and operations for major contingencies, including antiterrorism and land warfare. (Al-Saud, 2012:75).In Middle East region, the IT industry is dynamically growing along
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Threat of Substitutes
There is no direct substitute for incumbent technology (Liu, 2009:39). There are substitutes emerging in this industry like cloud based solution and hardware based protection.
Cloud based solutions like Amazon Web Service are providing the hosting features of infrastructure. So, now customers’ using this technology doesn’t require any IT security from this region. This will affect the business in this region.
Security at hardware level is a new trend in security industry; it will accelerate the security at the processor and chip-set level (Vaquero, Rodero-Merino and Moran, 2011:112). Antivirus solution with Computers and Hardware will eliminate antivirus and Firewall security solutions industry. (Bruce Schneier accessed January/9 2013). Intel is planning to move computer security to the hardware level from its current software level, by incorporating security features onto their chips and processors (MEED 2010).This will also hit the IT Security devices market.
Bargaining Power of Buyers
More or less most of security technologies are available from different vendor, with some marginal difference in terms of features and process; buyers are in more bargaining power stage. The market transparency and the involvement of third party advisors (Nick Wilkinson accessed January/15 2013) provide more space for customer to bargain with suppliers. Leading service providers, who have IT security as a part of their

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