Essay about 3 Cultures Research Assignment

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Subject: Three Cultures Research Assignment

As requested, here is the research assignment describing the culture of Mexico, Japan, and Kenya. This assignment will help guide you in understanding the basic communication styles, business etiquettes, and conflict management styles within their corresponding countries.
Christian, Candace, and Fabiola


As you travel to Mexico, there are a few tips you should consider to ensure a smooth visit. The communication styles, business etiquette, and conflict management styles vary differently with whoever you are dealing with. Mexicans place great value upon personal relationships. You should always properly address the appropriate Mexican within the organization. If
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In Japan, they value business people that represent themselves as trustworthy and humble. Japanese primarily use the collaborating conflict management styles in the business environment. Collaboration generates new ideas, and allows both parties to effectively cooperate to on focuses on building a team. In the Japanese culture it is common for business people to ask direct questions with a new person business partner in order to familiarize themselves with one another. At the beginning of a meeting, when business cards are exchanged, a person must bow slightly when handing out their card, and they should place the Japanese translation facing up and toward their business partners. In Japan, business meetings have seating arrangements which is always determined by the status of the participants. Therefore, as a guest you will be directed to the appropriate seat. Always remember, to wait for the head executive to take his/her seat before you will be seated, also when the meeting is finished wait until the head executive leaves his seat before you can exit the room. Japan has similarities and differences in compared to North Americans; however by becoming aware of Japan’s cultural norms it will be easier to understand Japan’s business etiquettes.


Kenya has different business interactions than what we have in North America. The most common greeting in Kenya is
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