Essay on 3-D Displays in the Marking Process

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The use of 3D display in the marketing process plays a big role in sales and brand awareness. To make brand awareness, a company needs a way to draw attention to their product and set itself apart from the rest. That brand want the consumer’s eyes to fall on its product only. One way to showcase their product is to use 3D display which will give them a marketing advantage over their rivals.
Why 3D display? 2D display is amazing at giving preview of the product before a customer before he or she buys it, however 3D display revolutionise where 2D left off by adding depth and perspective to the product. 3D display will let the consumer try the product and buy it and then he or she will trust that brand because the company showed a quality
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Thus boosting sales without the hassle of advertising because people will talk about what’s new.
The placement of products is the key in order to be noticed. If the product is place strategically, marketing for the product is going to be really effective. To do this, consider the layout of the space. Space gives way for the people to see the product up close without distractions. Customers are sometimes in a rush and when they go inside the store, they will have to find the product quickly. For those customers, they need plenty of space to get to the product and quickly figure out if it is the product they need without any interferences from other products. Placing items that are popular on the shelf at an eye level is also important because that would be the first thing that customer sees. For example, in case of a forgotten Valentine’s day and the customer needs to buy a last minute gift, he or she will drop into the store to get one. If the first thing the customer sees on his or her radar is a 3D display of organized chocolate boxes or bears that says “Happy Valentine Day” or “ Be Mine” then it would be more likely that the consumer will head to that location first. With no time to browse, the items on the eye level will be the one to go first. Pressed for time, the consumer would most likely pick the item up. Depending on the outcome later on, the
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