3-D Printing, Soligen and Other Companies

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Question 1: Select 2-3 companies profiled in the case and discuss the formulation of their respective strategies for commercializing the TDP Technology The three companies we would further discuss are the Soligen, Specific Surface Corporation (SSC) and Z Corp. Sloigen: Soligen Technology Inc. was founded by Yehoramo Uziel, it was incorporated in Delaware in October 1991, and commenced operations in April 1992. Soligen is a metal casting industry which produces fully functional 3-Dimensional cast metal components. Typically the lengths of time to make castings are approximately 6-12month. However with Soligen’s unique technology known as DSPC (Direct Shell Production Casting) the length of production is reduced to weeks or even…show more content…
Specific Surface Corporation was then able to provide customers with filters that efficiently removed particulates from dirty hot flue gas streams hence providing customers with greater power generation efficiency. As Parrish and Jeffery brainstormed the problems on the already existing filter industry they arrived with two major issued that were going on in the industry. They were, one people no longer wanted to cool down gases at the source. The other issue was that people wanted more compact filters, they wanted them smaller. However to get smaller filters one would have to get a larger surface area. Parrish went ahead to contact companies such as ABB and Westinghouse which used a lot of filters and were facing the similar problems. Parrish offered Jeffery the opportunity to join him and they pursued the opportunity together and licensed the technology created by Emmanuel Sachs and they worked on creating the smaller filters with larger surface areas. In early 1993 Mike Cima a professor of material science at MIT introduced Parrish to the 3DP process. Cima showed Parrish how he used it to make ceramics, Parrish then inquired if anyone was using this technology to make filters and Cima’s response was “No, why don’t you do it”. This was a distinct advantage for Specific Surface Corporation as at the time there were no companies involved in the

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