3 Day Diet Analysis - 2 Essay

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Three Day Diet Analysis For this three day diet analysis project I wanted to eat as I normally would and be honest about all that I ate, to analyze not only what and how much I was eating, but also to see how healthy my diet really is. By doing so I can see if any of my diet choices are putting me at risk for certain health diseases, and what changes can be made to make my diet healthier. After analyzing my diet, I would say I am fairly healthy, though I am out of the target range in a few areas. My profile calculated from my weight and height indicates that I have a BMI of 20.5. This is considered to be healthy; the healthy range is anywhere between 18.5-25. This was reassuring to hear because I am happy at my current weight, and…show more content…
Protein is responsible 18% of my calories, where fats make up 35% and carbohydrates are 47%. To better evenly distribute my calories, I can lower my fat intake by about 10% to be in the range of 20-25%. By doing so I would decrease the amount of fat I eat by about 25-26 grams which make about 25% of my calories from fat. With the decrease of those calories, I could increase my carbohydrate intake by about 57-58 grams, this would leave me at the same caloric intake. By increasing the amount of carbohydrates consumed by 57 grams this would raise the percentage that carbohydrates are adding to my calories by 10% putting my total percent to 57%. This would be more in the middle of the AMDR, which is 45-65% of my total calories. While looking at the break down of my fat intake, it shows that my percent of unsaturated to saturated fats is almost equal with saturated fats being 40%, and a combination of all the unsaturated fats equalling to 37%. From the bar chart I already recognized that my saturated fat intake is higher than it should be, and evidence from this report only backs up this fact. Optimally I would like to have my unsaturated fats be higher than my saturated fats. However, within unsaturated fats, I would like to change the ratio of mono and poly unsaturated fats. The change I would like to see would be a lowering the amount of mono and increasing the amounts of poly unsaturated that I consume. From the bar report as well my results showed
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