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According to my three day diet analysis it seems like my eating habits are poor. Not necessarily that I am consuming too many bad foods but I am not getting the all around nutrients that I need on a daily basis. Sometimes not eating enough. Or ot finding time to eat at all is a big issue in this. Due to my job and the lack of time I have at home it is hard for me to get the nutrients I need on a daily basis. With the target that is shown of six oz. of grains two and a half cups of vegetables, two cups of fruits, two cups of dairy and five and a half oz. of protein foods I fell short in most of the areas that were targeted for me. My biggest two areas of consumption was refined grains and protein. I can modify my diet to best use …show more content…
I was educated further on the matter and even did my own personal research to see what things I did that were considered using energy. In my job I am constantly talking, writing, typing, moving around, etc. All of these were small portions of my calorie burn. I was delighted to see after tearing myself up about visiting the gym more often. This did show me the importance of having some sort of work out routine or plan more consistently. Devoting more time to this area will help me burn more calories. Even the outdoor activities you do with friends and loved ones can be great. Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run and get a gym membership. Just use the day to day activities as you go.
I was then educated on the six classes of nutrients, which are water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. I do realize there I no single food that can supply all six of these nutrients so it’s all about being an all around healthy eater that will matter at this point. Finding the foods that I like and I can incorporate into my eating habit that will take affect, even the foods I can take out of my normal routine will help. Being able to follow this routine, start trying and eating new foods and having these consistent in my life as well as pursuing more serious exercise will help my diet and nutritional needs currently and in the future. Now that I am educated on these

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