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3 Digital Strategy 3.1 Problem Statement AMPR is one of the 5 schools that come under the QUT Business School umbrella. AMPR generates a lot of valuable content through its highly qualified staff and hosts many events and engagement activities on digital and social media platforms, the incorporation of these platforms into its communication mix has been a gradual process . The school has a lot of content scattered but no structural framework to keep the messaging consistent between different channels. There is no AMPR branded online platform for community management engagement or posting user generated content. Therefore, there is a need to develop a digital strategy for AMPR. 3.2 Advertising Problem The AMPR brand is just isn’t on…show more content…
The audit revealed the following problems: • The school does not host its own website and owns a webpage within the QUT Business school website. It is really hard to find the webpage unless one is specifically looking for the webpage. • The outward messages are inconsistent on social media platforms and the online presence is fragmented. There is a need for an AMPR community platform so that the school receives recognition for its content. • There is no evidence of search. However, the AMPR webpage ranks high organically. (Appendix - D) 5 Analytics Setting up Key Performace Indicators (KPI’s) will help us measure our performance, according to Kaushik, KPI’s are our best friends, they help up determine our progress against our objectives (2010). Website KPI’s will help us identify if we are meeting our search goals and keeping on track with our awareness strategy. There is a need to set up goals on QUT google analytics for the webpage and set up conversion funnels to help track of the customer journey on the website and to get in page analytics and heat maps through that. It is also recommended that AMPR be included in the call extensions for QUT’s search results on search engines. The following KPI’s will help us keep track of our progress: • Increase in traffic to the webpage by 50% in 2016. • Reducing in bounce rate by 20% in 2016 • Increase webpage traffic through

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