Essay 3 Essential Properties of Every Material

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Phase 1 Individual Project
Nathaniel Six
Colorado Technical University
The Sciences: Inquiry, Innovation and Invention
Susan Malekpour
July 19, 2012

Phase 1 Individual Project
The 3 Essential Properties of Every Material

There are three essential properties of every material that scientists use as a premise for most every study. The first is the kind of atoms that the material is made up of. You have your neutral elements and your compound elements. The neutral elements have the same amount of protons and electrons, which basically cancel each other out leaving them neutral. The compound element deals with combining more than one element. The second is the way those atoms are arranged. A good example of this is
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We have a span of about twenty more years of our ability to keep making them smaller before it becomes virtually impossible to create a smaller and faster semiconductor.(Toon, 2001, para. 1)
What Are Microchips and How Are They Related to Integrated Circuits?
Microchips are virtually the exact same thing as integrated circuits as far as I could define in my research on this subject. A microchip is made up of a set of interconnected electronic components that are etched or imprinted on a small chip of a semiconductor material like silicon. They are constructed in layers made up of the semiconductor silicon material. This process is made by using photolithography. Photolithography is a process which uses light, gass and chemicals to achieve its outcome.
Artificial Intelligence and The Difference Between Human Brains and The Central Processing Unit of a Computer

The best way that I can define artificial intelligence is that it is an area of computer science that focuses on creating machines that can engage in intellectual human behaviors. Research has been conducted for some time on creating machines that would have the capability of mimicking human thought and recreating speech. After decades of study and research, artificial intelligence is on the fast track to reality. (Simon, 1997, para. 1) What I believe to be the major difference between the human brain and that of the central processing unit of a computer is our
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