3. Explain One Aspect Of Mrs. A's Disorder Using Biological Theory

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However there are limitations for the biological approach as it has a low ecological validity meaning that it is very difficult to carry out in a real life setting. The experiment also requires participants to be in a very small room attached to cables from the EEG machine in bed so their is little room for free which causes humanism to be an issue. Using an EEg machine also affects the ecological validity of the experiment and the chances are people will sleep worse, as they are in an unfamiliar setting attached to a head cap covered with wires. A limitation is that most biological explanations are reductionist and don’t provide enough information to fully explain human behavior. Individuals may be predisposed to certain behaviors, but these…show more content…
Explain one aspect of Mrs A’s disorder using a biological theory The two general approaches taken by theories of sleep is both restoration and evolutionary theories. Restoration theories suggest that sleep exists in order to repair and restore the body. While the evolutionary theories that relate sleep ability to survive in a hostile environment. Oswald’s study on the restoration theory of sleep attempts to explain why animals sleep. Oswald suggests that sleep is the time when the body removes waste, replenishes its levels of neurotransmitters in preparation for the next day and carries out repairs to damaged cells and growth could occur. In regards to Oswald NREM is a time for replenishing the body , especially stages 3 and 4 which occur at the start of the night when the body is the most tired. During stages 3 and 4 we secrete greater levels of growth hormone in the blood which helps in the repair process, seeming to offer support to his theory. There are many factors affecting sleep, in Mrs A’s case light, caffeine intake, checking the alarm clock, high stress and upon her waking starting to work on the ipad could all be factors that are affecting her sleeping pattern - therefore, causing her to suffer from
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