3.How Do Comparisons Of Race And Ethnic Relations Among

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3. How do comparisons of race and ethnic relations among different countries around the world support the view that colonization is a major cause of inequality and conflict along the lines of race or ethnicity? Give examples of countries to support your argument. An obvious example of colonization as a major cause of inequality would be South Africa, South Africa before Mandela held a lot of the prejudicial law’s that made it difficult for the Black population on the country. What makes it more interesting was the fact that the Black population was the majority, yet the smaller White population held most of the power. South Africa colonization by Europeans had a strong effect in creating inequality in the country. Much like in the…show more content…
Whiteness in the history of the United States has been pretty exclusively defined to certain European nations. There was a time when Italians, or Irish were not even considered white by mainstream America, just being European and white did not mean you were identified as white in the past, but now things are different, The racial identity of being white is now more inclusive as any European races as other groups like Hispanic are increasing they feel the need to be more accepting. Even the identity of Hispanic in the past was considered white as the only two groups that were identified in the census were Black and White. The concept of Whiteness has been taken advantage off by politicians. There is a sentiment by minorities that White people do not understand the struggle of other races because of their background and fight against change to the system. In the textbook by Farley it states, “Through such denial, whites are able to create a rationalization that that system is fair and that reform is not needed” (260). There is a rationalization that the system is fair for white that it must be fair for everyone else. Whiteness as a group has been vague, but as a movement. it is gaining speed. Recently the concept of Whiteness has been a topic of politics since the Trump election, The concept of Whiteness has been more interesting. The topic of code words has also been mentioned in the Farley textbook as a method of not overtly racially attacking other
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