3 Inherited Behaviors Essay

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Essay on Three inherited Behaviors of E-tailing Communication 470 Michael Zarvos September, 5, 2012 By: Aisha Syed E-commerce or Electronic Commerce has become a part of our everyday lives. The growth of World Wide Web is growing, more and more each day. Businesses practically live on the web. E-commerce growth has provided consumers with many different retail choices making the lives easier for the online community. Although, this makes things easier for consumers who shop online, most of these companies have chosen…show more content…
The reason being is that the customer has already established a bond of trust with a name from a traditional shopping method. Beginning to search for tools to make a purchase, one will begin searching for Craftsman, since it has been very well known and probably had prior history with the product. The behavioral e-tailing customer model can be broken down into three areas; the product, the process, and the partnership. The intent or the attempt of electronic retailers is to mediate or be the messenger conveying the message at every level to encourage and to assure the buyer’s or the customer decision that will gain trust and loyalty so that the customer will return to the business site, which in turn will provide more revenue and profit. The first behavior that I will discuss in the consumer model is the product or service search. This is initially influenced by independent or uncontrollable variables (DMS Retailer, 2011). Some of the charateristics such as age, gender, culture, and lifestyle. Some moderating variables are within the control of the vendor. Price, variety of products, and services are the factors that how they can intervene and influence the initial search. The communications medium that is being used by e – tailer are pricing and advertisement by the Internet and different websites. The use of their brand name and promotional Internet banners will also take a customer toward a
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