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Muda Mura and Muri | Lean Manufacturing Wastes Lean Manufacturing Wastes When people think of waste in manufacturing they usually only think about all of the scrap material that gets thrown away or if your lucky recycled, they often forget about all of the other actions that waste our time, our resources and our MONEY.. When someone who has had some contact with Lean Manufacturing talks about waste they are often talking about Muda, or the seven wastes (or 8+ wastes depending on your definitions), but they often forget the other wastes defined within the Toyota Production System; Mura and Muri. Muda, The Seven Wastes Muda is any activity or process that does not add value, a physical waste of your time, resources and ultimately…show more content…
Country | Slovenia | 2. National / subnational / local or mixture | Subnational | 3. European Union status | Member (since 2004) | 4. Title of example | Programme MURA | 5. Summary | Programme MURA is a subnational programme developed in the early 2000s out of the implementation of the investment for health concept in Slovenia. Its goals are: (i) to improve the health and quality of life for the people in the Pomurje region through the identification, development, implementation and strengthening of best practices in the field of socioeconomic and environmental development; (ii) to ensure that an understanding of health underpins the development potential of the region and vice versa, that is, development as the basis for better health. To achieve these aims, the programme aims to integrate health into the regional development programme in the Pomurje region, which at the time the initiative began was one of the most disadvantaged regions in Slovenia in terms of health and socioeconomic indicators. Intersectoral collaboration plays an important role in the success of the programme. Regional inequalities in health outcomes are tackled through specific initiatives and activities designed to address educational and employment opportunities and to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of the region, such as

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