3-Pentadecynyl Phenol Synthesis

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P-aminophenol on diazotization gives diazonium salt. When 3-pentadecynyl phenol dissolved in chilled solution of KOH in methanol was added dropwise in diazonium salt solution gives red dye (Yield 80 %). Thus HPPDP have been synthesized as shown in Fig.10. Further, HPPDP dissolved in DMF as solvent followed by reaction with 1, 6- diisocynato hexane (HDI) to synthesize polyurethane.Changqing Fu et al. [62] has synthesized the polyurethane from aromatic cardanol (industrial grade) based polyol by using thiol–ene coupling (shown in Fig.9). The resulting polyols were then polymerised with Hexamethylene diisocynate (HDI) to produce the corresponding bio-based polyurethane. Thiol-ene chemistry, for synthesis of cardanol based polyol can be used to
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