3. The Reformed Understanding Of Faith In Calvin: The Uniting

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3. The Reformed understanding of faith in Calvin: The Uniting Faith
The doctrine of justification is at the center of the theological debate in sixteenth century. With the more developed doctrine of justification, the understanding of faith in from the Reformers shifts its focus that
The Reformed understanding of faith starting from Luther and Lutheran tradition is not a work by human beings but rather a response to the divine work, an accepting mental attitude. In Calvin, the emphasis is that faith is a gift which is a work by the Holy Spirit in human side. For Calvin, God’s work in us is mediated through the work of the Holy Spirit. The understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in the saving event is one of the most significant
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Through faith, the principle work of the Holy Spirit, we receive Christ and all the benefits God has done in him for us. We are united with Christ with this faith which is not an idle faith because it seals and persuades God’s will for us in our hearts. The significant understanding of faith in Calvin lies in that faith is recognition which is a kind of existential knowledge. The mechanism of how faith unites, takes hold, grasps, and receives Christ is that faith is revelation from the Holy Spirit attesting and persuading the truth of Christ and his saving works to our minds and hearts. Through faith made by the revealing power of the Holy Spirit, we are persuaded and believe in God’s promise which is all in Christ so that we would be consequently and continually persuaded in faith by the Holy Spirit to follow the obedience of Christ even though our mind “does not comprehend what it feels.”

By giving us faith, Holy Spirit unites us to Christ. Faith is the spiritual bond of our union with Christ in which “we have fellowship of righteousness” with Christ. The “fellowship of righteousness” is without doubt not mingling of Christ’s essence with us. Rather, it is a communion with Christ in which we benefit from the imputation of Christ’s righteousness. Faith as a recognition of God’s saving work in Christ persuades our mind to receive

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