3 Theory-Based Changes

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A second negative is behaving in a passive nature. I dislike confrontation and I go to great lengths to avoid it. If I am faced with a confrontational situation, my nerves tend to take over making it difficult for me to communicate. I try to limit the confrontation by not taking a stand for what I believe is right and accepting the other person’s point of view, rather than trying to come up with a mutual resolution. This could be viewed as being cowardly or a pushover, which are certainly not qualities you want to portray as a leader. The third negative is punishing bad work. Yes, it’s great to be rewarded for good work, but you don’t necessarily need to punish for the opposite. I tend to think negatively of employees who perform unsatisfactory work or become upset with them when they constantly make mistakes. This instills a fear into those employees, possibly causing them to become more flustered, because of the thought of being punished in the back of their mind. No one enjoys that type of work environment.

A2c. Recommend three theory-based changes that you could make to maximize your success When it comes to thinking outside of the box, I realize the need for some improvement. One recommendation for myself is to practice positive reinforcement of new ideas, instead of doubting myself and thinking my ideas are terrible. I should be
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I need to try to empathize with my employees by understanding their situation. It wasn’t long ago that I was in their position making the same mistakes while working my way up from the bottom. I can practice encouragement rather than punishment. Encouragement is not rewarding, it’s simply using uplifting words and expressions when they make a mistake. This hopefully can ease tensions by knowing they don’t have to work in fear. It should also put them on the right path to becoming that employee who is rewarded for satisfactory
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