3 Three Things I Believe

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"Man is what he believes." is one rule we should all live by, Anton Chekhov, a short story author lived by this and preached it to everyone he met. Each person in this world believes in something or someone, for every high school student, there is a younger middle or elementary school student, who looks up to and believes in that high school student. They will model their life after the high school students ', trying as hard as they can to be what they believe. I too model my life on three basic things that I believe; God helps us every day, we can do anything and the power of technology.

The first thing I believe helps all of us in our everyday lives is God and the power of prayer. I strongly believe that God works in each and every
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I vigorously believe there is never a reason to say can 't. When someone says they can 't do something it implies they have a negative attitude toward themselves, and that they don 't want to try. With a little hard work and effort, anything can be done. Last year, before the junior high football season started, all of the freshman got together and agreed that we would do everything in our power to be better than the junior high varsity team was the previous year winning only three games. After a season filled with a great deal of hard work and dedication our team was the first team in over 20 years to beat Manheim Central, and one of the few to few from Cocalico to ever go undefeated. We succeeded in this way for two simple reasons; our coaches would never let us use the word ‘can 't ' and we were expected to live by one simple rule, that with a little hard work and effort anything can be done.

Scientists live by that same rule everyday, always believing anything can be done. This is why I believe the evolving world of technology is the future for just about everything from how we live our lives and the things we do for fun to jobs and careers. What would we do without technology, there would be no NASA, IBM, Microsoft or computers for that matter. Technology helps us in ways we don 't even think
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