3 Words To Describe Me Essay

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My three words used to describe me are unique, tenacious and passionate. I grew up in a below middle class, small home on the outside of Richmond, Virginia. Back in the late 70’s and 80’s more freedom was given to kids in small neighborhoods to run free for most of the day. The neighborhood was old with faded colored homes, a token pale red Lincoln Towne Car that had a subtle whisper that echoed when Mr. McDaniel turned into his drive way and a beautiful plum tree at the end of the block that smelled of a local farmers market. The neighborhood housed many children but the bulk of kids my age were boys. Spending my days with these kids would lend to modeled behavior and a sought after independence. I would allow myself to wrestle and come home covered in dried red clay that would smell of childhood sweat. These boys taught me to be tough and forge my way through my childhood fighting for my identity. Dressing myself was a requirement and matching was not always necessary with my deep cobalt blue jacket and my cherry red Coca-Cola sun glasses. Luckily, it was in the early 80’s where style was…show more content…
Passion is intense and direct but deeply personal. My approach to love is the beauty of the sun rising on a summer day, the shaved chocolate that tickles your lip when you bite a Godiva truffle or the feel of a freshly pressed 100% cotton dress shirt. I love who I am when my heart connects with another. My career passion inhances the best part of my drive for success. I approach my constant need for information like someone taking dictation, with a need for detail. Software challenges, task changes and time management push me to be my best. My art speaks through the painted red lips of a 50’s burlesque dancer. It’s beautiful yet delicate, revealing to the eye but vulnerable to the subject and beautiful in cosmetic. You can see the passion in my enotional release and feel the layers of proceasing each completed piece
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