3 Year Financial Analysis of a Company

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Part 1
Project objectives and overall research approach
1.1 Topic chosen and reasons for choosing topic 4
1.2 Reasons for choosing organization 4 1.2.1 Historical background of KQ 5 1.2.2 Awards and achievements: 5 1.2.3 Vision and Mission 6 1.2.4 Authorized Capital 6 1.2.5 Group structure 7
1.3 Project objectives 7
1.4 Overall research approach 8

Part 2
Information gathering and Accounting/Business techniques
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1.2.1 Historical background of KQ

• February 1977: The airline was established following the break up of the East Africa Community (E.A.C) and subsequent disbanding of the jointly owned East African Airways.

• April 1991: A new board appointed with the mandate to commercialize and prepare the airline for privatization, and a policy paper issued later (in July 1992) gave a high priority to the privatization of KQ.

• Following its outstanding performance and state of the art services, its first initial public offer (IPO) was issued in March 1996.

• Year 2004: Scooped award for the Best Domestic Airline

• October 2005: A major milestone in its history when it achieved IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) becoming the 1st carrier in the sub-Saharan to get this rigorous safety certification. It was also voted as the East Africa’s most respected company in the same year.

The above was paraphrased from the company’s website: www.kenya-airways.com

1.2.2 Awards and achievements:

2001: o Voted best user of IT in Kenya by the computer society of Kenya.
o Voted the best regional airline.
o Voted as East Africa’s most respected company for the second year running. o KQ won the prestigious Africa Aviation Award awarded by the African Aviation Magazine in March. [pic]

2008: o Awarded the COYA (Company of the Year Award) for
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