3 Year Marketing Plan for Company G Essay

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Company G
3-Year Marketing Plan for Company G

Company G is a highly regarded and established electronics firm. As a company we’ve been successful in the small appliance market for a number of years. Our product line for this three year marketing plan is the ‘Healthy Hair Flat Iron’. The HHFI is a new and innovative iron that allows users to achieve beautiful flat ironed hair while leaving it feeling healthier and more luxurious than when they started.
Mission Statement
The latest appliance conceived by Company G is the Healthy Hair Flat Iron. It enables women of all walks of life to achieve healthy beautiful
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The fact that our new technology has yet to be released elsewhere means a few things: as the older irons expire ours will be an option, many households have a need for more than one iron in them due to mothers and daughters wanting them, and finally our price point is in line with what a consumer has purchased in the past. Threats from Suppliers Company G’s current relationship with our suppliers are solid. Our reputation for putting out good products, consistently, and our steady demand for parts will enable us to establish a good foundation with our new suppliers. The parts that we’ll be purchasing from them can be made in various arenas and therefore we’ll be able to shop for the best company to do business with. A company we contract with can expect a long and fruitful relationship with us. We will be establishing with our new suppliers no compete clauses as well as confidentiality statements as to the design of our components.
Treats from Substitutes Company G’s latest technology has a patent for the next several years. The current flat irons in the market have the same older technology in place therefore we’ll be experiencing the competitive advantage for a few years. Our high regard in the electronics market will contribute also to potential substitutes entering the market.

SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis has been completed for the

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