3 specific best practices (programs/initiatives) that are currently being used in business today

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3 specific best practices (programs/initiatives) that are currently being used in business today 1. Gathering and fostering creativity and innovation: In today’s economic environment everything changes rapidly not only the economic indicator but also people’s life-style or pattern of consumption. In such a rapidly shifting milieu, creative ideas, knowledge, and innovation are the only stable sources of capital (D. Oliver, “Achieving results through diversity: a strategy for success,” Ivey Business Journal Online, vol. 69, no. 4, 2005.) So developing a more diverse workforce can make the business full of creativity and vigour and the most important thing is that creativity and innovation are the indispensable factors in social…show more content…
And this solution led to liberal immigration laws that admit 200,000 new immigrants to Canada each year. About 70 percent of recent immigrants to urban Canada are visible minorities; people of color make up nearly 50 percent of populations in Vancouver and Toronto and are the fastest growing communities in Canada’s eight largest cities (J. Y. Yee and G. C. Dumbrill, “Whiteout: looking for race in Canadian social work practice,” inMulticultural Social Work in Canada: Working With Diverse Ethno-Racial Communities, A. Al-Krenaw and J. R. Graham, Eds., pp. 98–121, Oxford University Press, Don Mills, Canada, 2003.) For instance, RBC Financial Group has ensured that 22% of their workforce is comprised of visible minorities (V. Dugale, “The changing color of Canada,” Our Times, vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 24–28, 2006.) Similarly, FedEx has a high proportion of visible minorities (almost 7%) in senior management positions. Its staff represents about 19 nationalities at its Mississauga, Ontario headquarters (R. Robin, “Delivering diversity,” Canadian Business, vol. 77, no. 7, p. 38, 2004.) Outline and describe a specific activity that can be utilized in a workplace to promote the acceptance of people who are different. For the daily work, our company want to make a relaxed work atmosphere which means employees will not feel too much pressure. For example, we will not make a compartment which is a small space for each employee work. We will try to built a

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