3 stages of the Holocaust

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The Holocaust systematically murdered 11 million people across Europe, more than half of those people were Jewish. The Jews were blamed for the German’s failures, such as World War I. As a result, Hitler established anti-Semitism throughout his army and the majority of Europe. The Holocaust consisted of three phases to annihilate the Jews. The phases did not create racial purity and they did not successfully annihilate all of the Jews as the Nazi party planned. The first phase began when the Nuremburg Laws were passed in 1935. These laws stripped Jews of their German citizenship, property, and jobs. Jews were required to wear a bright yellow Star of David attached to their clothing to make it easy for Nazis to identify them. The…show more content…
Some of the Jews were able to hide out in the ghettos. Others were able to escape from the concentration camps. In some cases organized resistance was formed in the ghettos amongst the Jews. For example, in the Polish capitol of Warsaw, individual Jews continued to hide themselves in the ghetto ruins for many months after they were forcefully told to leave by the Nazis. These resistance fighters often attacked German police officials on patrol. Approximately 20,000 Warsaw Jews continued to live in hiding in Warsaw long after the liquidation of the ghetto. The third phase of the holocaust was known as the final stage. In 1942 at a meeting held in Wannsee Poland, Hitler’s top officials agreed to begin a new phase of the mass murder of Jews. In addition to mass slaughter and starvation they would add a third method of killing. This third method was committing murder by poisonous gas. As deadly as overwork, starvation, beatings, and bullets were, they did not kill fast enough to satisfy the Nazis. The Germans built six death camps in Poland. The first, Chelmno began operating in 1941, before the meeting at Wannsee. Each camp had several large gas chambers in which as many as 12,000 people could be killed a day. Auschwitz was the largest of the death camps. The Jews were told to undress because they would be taking a shower. They
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