30 Days Immigration-Discussion/Reflection Questions

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Asim Irshad En1320 30 Days Immigration-Discussion/Reflection Questions Q.1 what was the Frank’s position at the beginning of the film? Answer: Minute man Frank he against the illegal immigrants. Who petrol around the border the peoples coming from Mexico to USA illegally. Q.2 Discuss Frank’s experiences and what he did during his 30 days with the Gonzalez family? Answer: According Frank’s experience he felt uneasiness in the family. He worked as a handyman. Q.3 What (if anything) changed his perspective? Answer: He went to Mexico to see their families. He spent time with them and he find out about their living style. They are living in broken house no clean water to drink. They don’t have good jobs. They don’t have good…show more content…
Answer: Who is legally able to live in USA? And able follow laws. 3. What are the criteria for being an American? Answer: Being an American we have to have proper documentation to live. 4. Why is citizenship so important? Answer: becoming citizens and fully integrating into everyday life in the United States will create a sense of belonging and attachment to our nation. And holding a American citizenship can also provide number of social and economic benefits. 5. What should new immigrants have to do? Answer: the new immigrants learn the language and apply for citizenship. 6. What are some things that you have heard people say about “illegal immigrants/immigration”? Answer: Most of the time we hear that illegal immigrants are thieves, terrorist and rapist. These peoples taking American peoples jobs. D. Overall what was your overall impression of the video? Was it a balanced/accurate portrayal of the issue/people? How? /Why not? Did your position and/or understanding of the issues change? How? /Why not? Answer: Overall this video discuss the problems when illegal peoples come in to the USA. What kind of the problem they have to face as an illegal. This video shows us as an illegal immigrant we have no right to live in USA. It discuss how hard it is to find a job as an illegal immigrant and working on minimum wages. This film is great if someone want to follow the law and every rule and regulation in united stat. No one is allowed to come in

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