301 Communication Essay

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Assignment 301 Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings Task A Questions and Answers Ai Identify four different reasons why people communicate People need to communicate to be able to express their preferences for example dietary requirements. We need to be able to communicate to warn people of special requirements such as food or medical allergies. Communication is needed to build a relationship, this is especially important to help build up a trusting relationship. People have to ask questions to find out information and build a relationship, we need to be able to communicate effectively to do this. Aii Describe two ways how effective communication can affect relationships in an adult…show more content…
The mental health and general well being of a person can also play a part in how we can communicate. For someone with dementia this can be even more challenging. It will become harder for someone with dementia to express their feelings and find the right words to be able to talk coherently. It is therefore important to use care plans, life histories, have a close family member or friend to help, someone that knows what they like and dislike that can help to prompt if needed. Make sure you speak slowly with short sentences, avoid complex sentences and use of language. Face and look at the person your talking to. Give plenty of time to respond as the thought process slows down. A visual impairment can also have an effect on how we communicate. The saying ' we eat with our eyes' we communicate with our eyes too, we can see a smile in someone’s eyes or sadness. Visually we collect information about our surroundings and this can reflect in the way we communicate and can affect daily living. Communication is limited as the non verbal cues can be lost, a reassuring smile or nod or a concerned expression missed. Communication through writing or reading are not always there and a lack of wanting to socialise may become apparent. To help overcome these communication problems it is important to help build confidence,
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