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Anthony brown
303 Support Learning Activities
In schools teachers are required to complete long, medium and short term planning this means that it could be planning for the entire year, the term or the week. The long term planning provides a summary of the subject content. A medium term plan shows an overview of the activities and topics example pirates. Short term shows detail such as learning aims, activities, resources, differentiation, staffing, and timescale. Usually a teaching assistant will be asked to help with the short term planning of learning activities this maybe the short term planning. Everybody attending the class such as the teacher, teaching assistant and students should know the lesson objectives which will be
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Which the children do not learn more from me not knowing about a certain subject. My spelling is another area that I could improve on because if a child needs and wants to know how to spell a word and I do not know how to spell that word then the child is not learning how to spell the word, but if I did not know I or the child could refer to a dictionary to find the word and spell it correctly. Behaviour management is another one of my areas that I need to improve on, this is a negative to have because children will over step barriers between student teacher relationships and disrupt every lesson because children know I will not challenge their behaviour. These strengths and room for improvements were discussed between me the teacher and the teaching assistant that I work with.
In my classroom at the school our tables are set up into groups of academic abilities we have higher table who work on their own and have harder work to complete. Then we have middle table who have easier work than the higher table, and then we have lower table who have the easy work to help them understand. Some children in the classroom require 1-1 help so the teacher has set these
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