310.2.1 Ethical Issues in Business Essay examples

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Competency 310.2.1 Ethical Issues In Business

EVALUATION The structure of company Q is not currently formed to accommodate social responsibility or practice social ethics. Since the business is already in a heavily populated area and had to close down some of the stores due to high crime rates in those areas, maintaining a healthy relationship with the community in the area they are located is essential for the success of the business. The company has started to form a relationship with the community by listening to what the customers want and supplying the demand for those products. However, the chain is carrying all high margin products in all stores which may not suit the needs of those in lower income areas. By closing the
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Building trust within the company is a major success factor because the employees are also members of this community. They need to be able to have pride in the company they work for and speak highly of the company when they are not at work. Offering ethics training, a code of conduct, and just generally taking the time to work out this issue will increase profits while decreasing any possible theft from the business. Once internal issues are resolved with employees, the company then needs to work on supplying to the grocery stores in certain area "affordable" products. The company needs to be supplying the stores with products that are cost efficient for the area they are being sold in. The community will look at this in a positive way because the stores are providing products that are affordable to them and not making them feel unworthy because they can't afford the products in the store. This will also increase the number of customers that would visit the stores and the rate of customers returning would increase as well. This will not only help increase sales within the stores depending on locations, but it will also decrease the amount of products that would have to be discarded. Finally, the store needs to participate in community programs that are going to benefit the community overall. Donating to the food bank is a great way to give back tot he community and show the community they are appreciated. After getting the structure of the

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