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316 (4-5) Ms. Matthews English IV 24 April 2017 How Baseball Changed Over Time Baseball changed over time when African Americans were able to join the game of baseball in the early 1840s when the game of baseball started. Only African American were able to play the game of baseball due to segregation. Most people did not even want African Americans to play baseball in the MLB they could have their own league but,not with whites because no blacks were allowed to communicate with them. Alexander Cartwright invented the game of baseball and the U.S Congress gave African Americans created their own team named the Cuban Giants, but it really did not succeed due to the lack of attendance at the game. Jackie Robinson was the first African…show more content…
Most of them teams today are one of the best teams created in the MLB. Baseball is a very popular sport now that all races are able to play not only in the MLB but the game itself. In light of the number of professional leagues, not only in North America but around the world, baseball’s popularity is widespread and well-established, as demonstrated by its prominence in global sports culture. MLB continues to generate major media coverage, while fan attendance remains high at venues throughout the country. Other international leagues show similar fan support, with the sport attracting large numbers of spectators in Japan, China, and Latin America. (“Auerbach, Michael P.,”). In 1858, the National Association of Base Ball Players, the first organized league, was formed by teams around the country. The style of baseball actually came from the civil war because during the Civil War that followed (1861-1865), Union soldiers from New York introduced their style of baseball wherever they were stationed, and the game 's popularity spread. Most of the gear that is used are basically created like the civil war equipment like umpires equipment is like the shield that they fought with. Drugs came around in baseball as soon as the first player got caught use steroids. Steroids were in the MLB banned in the early 1990s. Player did not get tested like they should so that is why more players were caught using steroids. How drugs came Effected in the MLB? Often

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