3174 Lead And Manage Group Living For Adults

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Lead and manage group living for adults
1.1 Review current theoretical approaches to group living provision for adults
A group living environment is designed to meet the specific needs of individuals in situations that are as normal as possible rather than institutional care.
Group living can include facilities for adults in residential homes, nursing homes or sheltered / extra care housing.
Wolfesberger (1975) identified some negative features of large-scale institutions, individuals were segregated from society often kept in degrading conditions and treated inhumanely.
Over the year’s different theoretical approaches to group living provisions for adults have changed the way in which we offer our care services and living provisions.
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One needs to put themselves in the shoes of the service user and their carers when you think about the building / environment.
The work of Judd (1997) explores how an environment is designed to enhance well-being. E.g. does the design of the building compensate for disability, maximise independence, enhance self-esteem, demonstrate care for staff, reinforce personal identity and welcome relatives and the local community?
1.5 Justify proposals for providing and maintaining high quality decorations and furnishings for group living
It has long been recognised that there is a relationship between the design and quality of the environment and its impact on relationships and social interaction. The avoidance of an institutional look and feel should be the first consideration.
1.6 Develop an inclusive approach to decision making about the physical environment
A well-managed group living service will strive to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to making decisions about the physical environment. For example the cooker at our home broke down and we included all the service users in the decision of which cooker to buy, we also asked the opinions of our support workers and an occupational therapist along with family members.
2.1 Evaluate the impact of legislation and regulation on daily living activities

Legislative and regulatory demands on group living services are intended to ensure that the provision of daily living activities takes
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