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The Reconstruction Era Must be submitted no later than Februaruy 3, 2010 Reconstruction appeared to be a program to aid in the assimilation of the freed blacks into the American social and economic system. The Radical Republicans in Congress had a different goal. Read Chapter 16 and write an essay describing the plans of Presidents Lincoln and Johnson and how they differed from the plans of Congress. Put special emphasis on the impact of the 14th Amendment and what it attempted to reverse. Do you feel that historians are justified in calling this period the 'darkest' period of American History? Would you have done anything diffderent? Reconstruction (U.S. history) I INTRODUCTION War-Ravaged South At the end of the American…show more content…
Central to this shift was the conviction of increasing numbers of Northerners that the South should be remade into a society based on free labor, equal rights, and the republican form of government guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. This view was especially widespread within the Republican Party, which dominated national politics, in part because the Southern states, where the Democratic Party was dominant, had withdrawn their representatives from the Congress of the United States after secession. Those Republicans who took the lead in pressing for a far-reaching restructuring of the South came to be known as Radicals. Among the most prominent Radical Republican leaders were Senators Charles Sumner of Massachusetts and Benjamin F. Wade of Ohio, and Representatives Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania and George W. Julian of Indiana. During the second half of the war, several plans were proposed for the political organization of states captured from Confederate control. A proposal that enjoyed considerable support among Radicals was the Wade-Davis bill, which was proposed by Senator Wade and Representative Henry Winter Davis of Maryland. It would have required one-half of a state's white male citizens to swear loyalty to the Constitution before a new state government could be formed; an alternative was President Lincoln's Ten Percent Plan, which allowed a government to be based on the loyalty of one-tenth of the

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