360-Degree Feed Back Scenario

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360-Degree Feedback Scenario Name Institution 360-Degree Feedback Scenario 360-degree feedback also known as multi-rater feedback is a performance evaluation test where employees get anonymous feedback from their co-workers. Employees can recognize their strengths and weaknesses though this method of assessment. The paper will look at the mistakes that people make in formulating a 360-degree feedback and appropriate use of the 360-degree performance evaluation test. Scenario 1 For a 360-degree feedback to be effective and efficient as a performance appraisal test, managers should be able to invest time in the development process of the assessment, analysis of data collected (Campion, Campion, & Campion, 2015). In this…show more content…
Employees can be sensitive to the pressures of the managerial positions and due to biases or the influence of the recency effects they can fail to consider the period that they being evaluated. Wilson, 2014, suggests that the participants must undergo training to have a credible 360-degree test. In the above scenario, there might be cases of biases among the top official; some feel that they do not want to fail each other. Though the management has identified that there are discrepancies in the leadership skills the results state otherwise. Therefore, such situations can occur in this type of test because of people might also offer comments that favour all the supervisors. Scenario 3 The multi-rater feedback is a tool that people to acquire rich, accurate perspective on how others see the management practices, effectiveness and interpersonal designs (Taylor, Chappelow, & Fleenor, 2008). It is meant for performance. Int the above scenario, the firm’s primary objective was to improve the competitiveness, that decision to undertake the 360-degree feedback just because they come to a realization that leadership skills and communications patterns are the primary cause of the less nature of competitiveness is not the ultimate solution. Multi-rater test that managers perform to change the performance level of the workers can affect the objectives of the organizations. Hence, some goals cannot be accomplished. For a manager to
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