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THree stages of modeling Three stages of modeling BSHS 385 CYNTHIA CUCUZZA [Type the author name] There are stages in the interviewing processes; these stages are there to help not only the interviewer, but also the interviewee. These stages are here to help human service professionals to master these skills to help each client. The three stages in the model of interview would be exploration, insight/clarification and action. Exploration is helping the client explorer their feeling, problems or issues. The elements in this stage; *Attending behavior these are the listening skills as well as out attending skills. This would include eye contact verbal and nonverbal behaviors. Giving all the attention to the client in this stage,…show more content…
Remember this is time for the client to self-explore. *Interpreting identifying the clients underlying meaning and reconstructing the meaning to have the best understanding. Actions helping the client take action. The elements in this stage would include; *Information giving, giving the clients feedback. These can be instructions, feedback or an informational statement. *Structuring for exploration, clarification and actions. Helps the client to examine their issues, consider alternatives or make their own choices or decisions. *Enlisting cooperation, many times the client will resist or become reluctance, using basic interviewing skills will decrease the client discomfort and increase cooperation throughout each stage. Effective communication, putting it all together from start to finish, for each stage we are taking steps to make sure all attention is on the client. Once all information is given, it is time to tell the story on how we view it and start with the ending. I do believe there are differentials in interviewing gender, culture and religious beliefs. In many cultures it can be known to make eye contact with someone as disrespect. Body language can also have different meanings within different cultures. For each of these this is where we listen before we take actions, we can verbal and nonverbal offend someone. No two cultures are the same and no two people are the
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