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ACCG 399: Accounting in Context Accounting’s Positivistic Tendencies: Overlaying a Social Science With Pure Scientific Rationale Tutorial 5 - Week 6 This written Comprehensive Professional Portfolio is comprised of individual and group tasks which are to be completed within tutorials and will require further work and writing up outside of the classroom. These set of tutorial activities extending till the end of the session, are intended to take you through a learning journey of exploration and development. They have been specifically designed to incorporate not only a real-life perspective to your university learning but also to further enhance graduate capabilities such as your ability to engage in critical, analytical and…show more content…
I believe that anyone watching just the first part of this documentary can make the assumption that we were going downhill with all these unstable inventions that were supposed to bring in more turmoil for the rest of the world. In order to reporting accuracy, they interview lots of people to indicated this fact rather than merely provide neutral opinion. In addition, the film illustrates some data and provides some powerful reports to support their viewpoint. The following parts also explain the main factors result in the financial crisis, and the economic recession. The film also emphasis on the investor and related parties should burdened accountability what the challenge we need to face. Positive accounting theory refers to the branch of academic research in accounting[->0] that seeks to explain and predict actual accounting practices. These contrasts with normative accounting[->1] theory, that seeks to derive and prescribe "optimal" accounting standards. In other words, the accountant should to obey the standard accounting rules and regulation to prepare financial report and they must utilize optimal accounting standards. But in this film, lots of accountants prepare the misleading financial report, which make the potential investors and shareholders believe that companies still operate profitability, and on-going development. Actually, the companies already make huge
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