3D Art Case Study

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1. The 2D manuscript painting on vellum of The Limbourg Brothers from the February calendar was a beautiful lively artwork. The painting illustrates the frigid winter air by using the white colors of the snow to cover the landscape. Proportion is used to portray the far distance at which the center village lies. The individuals in the painting are also larger in size than the animals to give a more realistic representation. The artist uses lines to create the edges of the farm building built of wood. The top of the calendar uses a half circle shape in which to illustrate the dates. Emphasis is given to the top of the calendar that displays the dates using a dark blue and gold color to depict the night sky with constellations. The 3D sculpture…show more content…
This 3D sculpture is providing balance with its symmetrical borders that surround Saint Mark. Emphasis is placed on the center of the sculpture where Saint Mark is situated inside the empty space off the sculpture. The 2D I found least aesthetically pleasing was the Flemish oil painting of Jan Eyck, Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and Giovanna Genami. Although painted with an astonishing level of realism, his use of proportion when painting the hands is disproportionally small and seem flattened. This illustrates how marriage back then did not require the presence of a priest or minister. The 3D German gothic Pieta made from polychromed wood was a disturbing sculpture. The heads of the Virgin Mary and Jesus are larger than their bodies. Anatomical details are exaggerated to emphasize the suffering Jesus endured. Repetition within the sculpture takes form in the flowers of the pedestal in which the Virgin Mary sits. These flowers contrast with the gruesome blood pouring from the body of Jesus. Overall this sculpture lacks color and looks like it has a rough texture. These artworks all correlate to one another because they are within the 15th century
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