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Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations (3MER)

3MER_F205A_HR June – Optional Unit Assessment – Version 3 June 2012

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LO1: Understand the impact of employment law at the start of the employment relationship.
1.1 Describe the internal and external factors that impact on the employment relationship.

1.2 Explain the different types of employment status

1.3 Identify and analyse the reasons why it is important to determine an individual’s employment status.

LO2: Understand the main individual rights that the employee has during the employment relationship.
2.1 Explain the importance of work life balance within the employment
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This means they are entitled to the same basic terms and conditions as ‘comparable workers’ - employees doing the same job in the same workplace.” (https://www.gov.uk/agency-workers-your-rights/overview, 10th March 2015)
From day one of the temporary assignment the worker is entitled to the same access to job vacancies as permanent members of staff and collective facilities such as staff canteens, childcare facilities and transport services. A third type of employment status is volunteer workers who are individuals who carry out tasks or services of their freewill and without payment, often, though not necessarily, for charities. Volunteer workers are not in a contractual relationship with an organisation as there is not intention to create legal relations, no financial remuneration and no enforceable obligations on either side.

1.3 Identify and analyse the reasons why it is important to determine an individual’s employment status.

As there are so many different employment status types, it is important to determine the status as “employers will be exposed to the majority of employment rights only if the 'working person' can prove they are an employee rather than self-employed.” (CIPD, www.cipd.co.uk, Why is employee status so significant and what legislation covers it?, 24th Sept 2014.
The definition of 'employee' and 'worker' differs slightly from one area of legislation to another, but generally workers have less rights

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