3MER Supporting Good Practice In Managing Employment Relations

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Task 1 You work in a call centre which has recently experienced a downturn in the amount of business that it has. It has been decided, therefore, to make 5 of the 20 Call Centre Operators redundant. Write a letter to the Operations Manager explaining: 1. The main legal requirements that need to be considered, including Codes of Practice, explain the impact that these have on the organisation. 2. How to ensure that the dismissals are fair and the importance of this to both the employer and employee. 3. The stages that need to be followed in handling the redundancy situation to minimise the impact on the organisation. 4. The purpose and importance of carrying out exit interviews with all employees prior to their leaving the…show more content…
They will also be made aware of the reason for the redundancy dismissals and the number of the proposed redundancies. The process of selection and what procedures will be followed during this challenging time will also be made clear to each employee that may be affected. Last, they will also be made aware of the method of calculation of the redundancy pay they will receive if they are selected. In order to make the process effective and smooth as possible we will plan effectively to make the process as quick and painless for both parts as possible. This plan will include firstly, since we have already identified that the effected employees will be five out of the twenty call centre operators, offering those who choose this option, a voluntary redundancy package that will be increased by 10% of the statutory redundancy payment package in order to encourage them to accept the redundancy conditions with ease. “As part of the overall procedure, once the need for redundancies has been identified and careful planning has taken place, offering a voluntary redundancy package and then seeking willing redundancy volunteers may avoid compulsory redundancies altogether.” Lisa Ayling. (2014). Redundancy Factsheet. Available: http://www.cipd.co.uk/hr-resources/factsheets/redundancy.aspx. Last accessed 15th February 2015. Following this, we will consult the employees or their representatives to identify if they are willing to retrain for another available

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