3PL Relationships in Logistics Management

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3PL relationships Following the paradigm shift on the role of logistics management in the recent decades, there has been a wide recognition of this as a very important aspect a business strategy in general. However due to the numerous factors promoting complexity of logistics management companies have adopted the idea of outsourcing their logistic activities to Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers. Hence, 3PLs have taken a critical role towards supply chains of heir customers. Indeed use of third-party logistics (3PL) firms in transportation helps firms to meet complexities of global trade, worldwide increased competition, as well as the constant downward pressure in terms of prices and margins. This is in a bid to build up better logistic systems that can fulfill their needs for better services at a lower cost. Among the reasons as to why companies use 3PL firms is to outsource non-strategic activities which enables organizations to concentrate on the major competencies as well as to exploit external logistics expertise, (Ivan Su Hertz, Susanne, 2009). These third party firms have the capability of developing unique assets, acquiring the necessary resources and achieving superior logistics performance using 3PL relations. Companies therefore find it efficient and effective method of achieving the needed service with no engaging so much in investing new capabilities and in assets upon entering into a relationship with 3PL firms. It is the nature of companies to seek to
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