3RTO Activity 1

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Activity 1
1. There are many different factors that affect an organisation’s approach to attract talent. The list below includes some of them.
SALARY: compensation is clearly an important factor for employees and it is one of the main reason for them moving to a new job. Successful professionals appreciate generous salary because giving them a high compensation the company shows to recognize properly and appreciate their skills and competencies.
WORK ENVIRONMENT: a workplace where you can enjoy the challenges, co-workers, and atmosphere is very attracting for talent. They want to feel the company they work for as a second home, trusting on it and feeling the need to commit themselves fully in all job activities. An organization that
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The recruitment policies of the competitors also effect the recruitment function of the organizations. To face the competition, many times the organizations have to change their recruitment policies according to the policies being followed by the competitors.

4. In the brief dissertation below, I will describe the benefits of three different recruitment methods , testing, practical assessment and telephone interviews and the benefits of three different selection methods, advertising, using references and company website.

Selecting tests can measure knowledge, skills and ability, as well as other characteristics, such as personality traits and they are useful to evaluate the right employee for a specific role, by identifying the candidate personality. For example, if a company or department needs to hire a new manager, a psychological/aptitude test may help to understand better if the candidate has the features required for that specific job position (strong leadership skills, such as high self-confidence, calmness, flexibility, etc).

The practical assessment has the benefit to allow the candidates to show in practice to have the skills required for that job position. It also have the advantage to get precious information about that candidates (how they work under pressure; how they dial with performance anxiety ; non-verbal

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