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3SCO – Supporting Change within Organisations Introduction to E.ON E.ON UK is a leading energy company and is amongst the big 6 energy suppliers. It was established in 2002 through the acquisition of Powergen and now has the second largest electricity generator in the UK and owns the second largest distribution network in the UK. E.ON UK employs over 10,800 staff and has 97 sites including customer contact centres, offices, wind farms, technology centres, training academies and power stations. E.ON UK is part of E.ON who is the world’s largest investor-owned energy service provider, where its headquarters are based in Germany. E.ON UK has over 8 million customers and has a vision to be our customers’ trusted energy partner. Why E.ON…show more content…
How new members of the SLT are perceived by employees is vitally important in order to maintain engagement of staff and commitment to organisational goals. A further internal driver of change is a need to decrease costs and increase consistency and efficiency, which is the aim of the centralisation of some support functions from E.ON UK to Berlin where E.ON headquarters are based. This has resulted in a number of redundancies and the re-education of hiring managers across the UK business to understand the changes. Approaches to change A useful model when looking at different approaches to change is Tannenbaum and Schmidt’s (1958, cited in Leatherbarrow et al, 2010, p414) Continuum of Leadership. This model explains a scale of various levels of delegated freedom and the subsequent effect on the employees. It details ‘telling’ where the manager decides and announces the decision, ‘selling’ where the manager decides and then sells the decision to the group, ‘consulting’ where the manager presents the problem and asks for suggestions before making a decision, and finally ‘joining’ where staff are involved in all stages of the decision making process. The model argues that ‘joining’ is the key to implementing change successfully as when employees are part of the change they are more likely to engage with it in a positive way. At E.ON the change

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