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3D Miniature Golf at the All Family Fun Center

I've always been a fan of miniature golf, so I had to give this place a visit. Located in strip mall, it is at the southwest corner of Pecos and Russell. They call themselves the All Family Fun Center because they have more than miniature golf. On the other side of their building is laser tag and in between there are several arcade games. I'm a little old for laser tag, so I'll just talk about my experience with the 3D miniature golf.

As you might expect, you have to wear 3D glasses while inside the 18-hole course. What gives the 3D effect is the way the artwork is designed. It has an overlapping look, so once you put your glasses on, it appear to be three dimensional. Some of the 3D looked
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Most of the holes are made of low sitting obstacles of only a few inches; there are no gigantic castles for example.

My biggest problem was negotiating the obstacles with my feet. I have low vision due to diabetic retinopathy. This produces missing areas of my vision, especially in my right eye. So the dimly lit areas with black lighting created a great challenge for me to walk or even stand without falling. I ended up using my putter as a walking cane to test the front of the ground for steps and unseen obstacles. I'm happy to report, I made it through 18 holes of golf without a falling incident.

On the whole, I enjoyed the golf. My mini-golf partner and I didn't keep score, so the experience was just a relaxing, kick back, Saturday afternoon feeling. I'm not sure how I feel about 3D golf, but it was something different to do, and it is certainly something for both parents and children to do together.

The All Family Fun Center is about five miles from several areas of the valley. Depending upon the traffic, it will take about 15 minutes by
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