3d Printed Weapons : Unjust Censorship Of A Public Threat

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3D Printed Weapons: Unjust Censorship of a Public Threat
3D printing has become astronomically popular in the world of today. From toys and guitars to camera lenses and even houses, 3D printing can create just about anything. But with gun control being a prominent issue in American society and 3D printing becoming more readily available, controversy emerges. Recently, many “blueprints” for 3D printed firearms have become available for free online on websites like Defense Distributed, DrawingDatabase.com, 3Dprint.com, and many more. The idea of homemade guns strikes fear into citizens, since this ability to create guns at home adds a new factor in discussion over gun control. How will the government be able to track who own these homemade guns? The publication of the first 3D printed gun in 2013 has introduced a whirlwind of controversy and may be the catalyst for censorship of designs and code, affecting the Constitutional right of free speech for all Americans.

3D Printing, Firearms, and Social Impacts
There are a few pressing matters regarding the impact of 3D printing on society including security risks and accountability when a tragedy occurs as a result of manufactured items. However, 3D printing has a beneficial impact in different fields. One positive impact of 3D printing is the new industry software developers can pursue since there is a need to build and maintain user friendly software for 3D printing. 3D printing also reduces the time to necessary to

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