3d Printer Course Project

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A course project will be described that utilizes a 3D printer. This project asks students to design a prop for use in a movie. This prop has specifications that the students need to adhere to. The student groups are asked to design the object, print a model of the object, create a poster describing the object, and make a presentation supporting the use of their object in the movie. The presentations are made in front of the “Producer” and “Director” of the movie. The Producer and Director choose the best design to be printed full size. The outcomes for this project include: students will be able to think in a 3-D environment and students will understand the way 3-D printing works, students will develop skills in turning designs into real-world objects, students will develop problem-solving skills through the process of operating a 3-D printer, and students will develop skills in working as a group and communicating the results. This project would be appropriate for students in a variety of courses. The results of such a project will be shared.
Using a 3D printer as a motivator for students to be creative can be a benefit to any currirulum. As Van Epps, Huston, Sherrill, Alvar, and Bowen (2015) state “3D printing not only promotes learning but inspires creativity and fun”. One of the major goals
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The Fantastic Flicks Film Company has hired you to create the “Holy Grail” for use in a new movie. The title of the movie is going to be “Kentucky Smith and the Holy Grail”. The premise of the movie is that Smith, an archaeologist, searches the desert for the Holy Grail. He finds the Holy Grail but has to fight villains to keep it. This project has been given to several other groups in your company. You are competing with the other groups to have your grail chosen for the movie. If your group is chosen, each member of your group will get a
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