3d Printers And Its Effects On The World 's Vision

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3D Printers The technologies are being developed quickly and change the world 's vision. 3D printing is the innovation that will make the further breakthrough and turn the world upside down. One can print everything, starting from the plastic figures finishing with the tools, clothes, bicycles, weapon, and human body organs using the stem cells. Moreover, there are the printers that are capable of replicating itself. Three-dimensional printing transforms the computer model of the object into a really-existing one applying many thin layers that are programmed on the computer. This type of printing creates an impression of the objects appearing from nowhere. The modern printers can print from a number of the materials. "Most printers print in a material called polylactic acid, which is a non-toxic bioplastic often derived form corn and is the same material that compostable cutlery and coffee cup lids are often made from." (Guide to 3D Printers). However, it is possible to create objects from the metal powder, biomass, food substances, and the others. A big choice of the target materials broadens the capability of the printing endlessly. The above-mentioned technological innovation can be applied in the medicine. The Princeton University managed to print an ear by means of biomass with a high quantity of the stem cells that are capable of transforming into the cartilaginous tissue. It is not a full-fledged ear but a tool for detection of the radio waves. The scientists tried

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