3d Printing And Its Impact On The Medical Field

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3D printing is slowly making its way into the mainstream train of thought. Students at an abundance of universities have access to this incredible innovation. To some this exciting technology seems to be nothing but a fad. However, 3D printing has already began to make significant strides in the medical field. With the right business strategies, we believe that 3D printing will take the medical field to a place we before never saw as possible. Happening Now Today, we can see medical students using 3D printers to assist with surgical planning and practice (Rengier, 2010). Even experienced surgeons are using advanced design technology to take x-rays of patients and 3D print the exact replica, allowing doctors to practice difficult surgeries with an exact practice test (Rengier, 2010) With the technology and usage of 3D printing already in place we can begin to see huge strides being made with this technology. Fewer mistakes to be made by surgeons and more experience by medical students will lead to an intense decrease in malpractice lawsuits from surgeons. The possibilities are truly limitless. And limitless it will have to be as we are currently seeing doctors and engineers working together to try and achieve the 3D organ. Experts believe that soon we will be able to make 3D printed organs and cells to be used in surgery. One issue that may arise in many skeptics minds is how can a piece of plastic replace and operate like an organ. Well, there are

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