3d Printing Changes The Dynamic Of The Consumer Culture

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3D printing is a technology that lets you take a 3D digital file and turn it into a physical real life product with the click of a button and it can create almost anything you can imagine. It will open up new opportunities in mass customization. You can copyright the things that you print with the 3D printer. Artistic objects that you would normally hire an artist to make will be protected by copyright. Objects that actually do things that have a use besides for entertainment or just decoration falls outside of the scope of copyright, those products may be protected by patent. Subsequently, most products will not be protected by any sort of law at all, this allows creative individuals to reinvent and make adjustments to existing creations. Since 3D printing is in its beginning, there is not that much case law about it. 3D printing changes the dynamic in the consumer culture. It turns a passive consumer to an active creator. Shapeways is an online 3D printing community and marketplace. Anyone in the world can upload their 3D model and Shapeways will print it for you. If you decide you want to make your design for sale, Shapeways will sell it for you and will put your design on demand for customers all over the world and ship to wherever in the world. You can bring a product into the market without the risk of having an inventory.
3D printing eliminates stock inventory, it also eliminates having a market ready for your product. The larger the amount of

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