3d Printing Of Care And Patient Outcomes

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3D Printing in Healthcare
All throughout the world there are constant technological innovations. As time progresses, more inventions come about and alter our lives. Since the industrial revolution we as a nation have had plenty of technological advances that have impacted our lives. Healthcare is one of the most prominent and impactful systems in the world. Technology in healthcare can ultimately make a huge difference in the performance of care and patient outcomes. One recently new innovation in health care is three dimensional printing. 3D printing is a manufacturing method where objects are made by fusing or depositing material. This is revolutionary for healthcare due to the rapid fabrication of tissue and organs, customized prosthetics, and implants.
3D printing can create object in any shape imaginable thanks to the two dozen printing processes. 3D printing first made its appearance in the early 1980’s by Charles Hull. In 1988, Hull founded the company 3D Systems, which developed the first commercially available 3D printer. Hull set great footsteps for future generations to follow. As known, 3D printing has been used in manufacturing industries for decades. Three dimensional printing can largely benefit healthcare and medical uses due to the customization, cost efficiency, and the rapid productivity. Customization is a great advantage to 3D printing because it allows for custom made medical products and equipment that is prepared for each body and fixture. The time
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