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ASSESSMENT DELIVERING LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES (3DLA) DAVID REDONDO FERNANDEZ CIPD LEVEL 3 FOUNDATION EALING, HAMMERSMITH & WEST LONDON COLLEGE CIPD Membership number: 2329184X Tutor Name: Clare Woodcock Date 08/04/2014 Word Count: Activity 1 – 492 Activity 3 -- 931 INDEX 1.1 Individual and environmental factors that impact positively or negatively on learning. 1.2 Create a positive learning environment. 1 Learning Plan 3.1 Feedback from the participants 3.2 Reflective statement *FEEDBACK OF THE COURSE* Summary The main purpose of this assessment is to create a plan and help those people who in this moment are unemployed or are looking to…show more content…
* health & safety * room layout * welcome * accommodates needs * puts participant at ease * builds rapport | Room suitable, safe, with horseshoe, screen and flipchart at front.Smiled, looked around the room.Friendly. Acknowledged that the group were tired. Asked group to introduce themselves and their job status.Introduced self to group. Confident: clear voice, good steady pace and use of hands.Looked around the room. | Structures & sequences effectively for learning e.g. * introduction * main body * conclusion | Session: How to find a jobClear introduction on what going to cover and sequencing into the main body.Good detail on background to employment and to differentiate themselves.CV content | Provides clear aims / learning outcomes | The introduction showed clearly what going to cover. The learning outcomes could be SMARTer. | Manages learning activity effectively * uses a range of appropriate training skills | Presentation,Q&A-asked different learners. Targeted questions. | * uses learning resources appropriately and effectively | Powerpoint: Clear slides with use of colour, boxes and pictures to support a range of learning styles.Wide range of CV styles shown from research on the screen which were colourful and engaging.Use of video. | * supports learners via questioning and

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